2 electric bikes are included in the reservation price

STARK e-bikes have these amenities

  • Multiple suspension and fat tyres
  • 3 bags: fron, left and right
  • Lights
  • Lock
  • The other has a USB-loading and cellphone holder if you intend to use cellphone as GPS
  • Cell phones can also be placed under the front bag plastic top shield
  • 48V and 15.6Ah accu.
  • Range around 30 kms, for instance to Nachsholim beach and back
  • 2 helmets, pump and basic tools are also included


  • Practice driving first in the Shirat HaYam area.
  • Load the batteris before use. The chargers are in the bedroom corner.
  • If you visit a shop or leave the bikes out of your sight, you must always lock the bikes. They are on your responsibility.
  • You must never exceed 25 km/h in Israel by e-bike or you might be fined.
  • When going downhill switch off the power!
  • When you stop and climb off the bike, immediately turn off the power. The throttle can otherwise kick in and take the bike from your control.
  • Use only assist level 1.
  • Lending the bikes is on your responsibility, both regarding the bike and yourself and others.
  • There is no insurance whatsoever with the bikes.
  • If you break a bike, you must pay any repairs and the process of repairing.
  • Do not exit Israeli road during rainy season. Mud can grip the tyres in a way you could never have imagined. We’ve tried it and needed tools to get the 5 cms of sticky mud from around the tyres.
  • Many Shvil Israelin routes are very rocky, turn around if you see rocky places. You break yourself and the bike!